RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT The Scheddin Industrievertretung GmbH is an  important contact for the experts working in the  companies R&D Devision. A customer-oriented approach enables  us to respond flexibly to the needs of the market,  develop customized systems and capitalize on  additional sales opportunities. We also consider the  rising needs of the final customers. We advice and support with the selection of the  matching substrate and silicone system and  accompany our partner in optimizing the process.  Drawing on our experience we are able to assess  the situation and identify customers need. Sometimes  existing products do not fully satisfy the essential  requirements and have to be replaced against newly  developed releaseliner or modified silicone  systems. We can provide all these services.
The Scheddin Industrievertretung GmbH is a team- orientated and networking company. In our daily  work, we are accustomed to behave trustfully and  discreet on challenging projects. Describe us your  project or your problem, we are pleased to support  you with our comprehensive know-how and  experience to implement your own ideas.