CULTURE  AND SCIENCE AT THE LOWER RHINE  The Lower Rhine is a region with a rich history and  cultural heritage. We would like to mention some of  them. Archaeological Park Xanten Welcome to the LVR-Archaeological Park Xanten  on the site of the ancient Roman city of Colonia  Ulpia Traiana. Germany´s biggest archaeological  open-air museum invites you to an inspiring trip  into history. Roman City The new LVR-RömerMuseum in the APX is a  unique combination of an archaeological protective  building and modern museum architecture. Roman  master builders created monumental buildings. The  unique architecture of the LVR-RömerMuseum  provides a direct impression of their spectacular  impact. It reflects the dimensions of the Roman  Basilica Thermarum, the entrance hall of Roman  baths, both inside and outside. 
Museum Kurhaus Kleve The museum "Kurhaus Kleve" is located on its  beautiful Kurallee with famous villas and gardens. It  comes from the bloom of the Kurstadt "Bad Cleve"  and was built in 1845 - 1846. It is nearby the  Amphitheatre of the 17.Century. Museum Schloß Moyland The Museum Schloss Moyland is a museum for  modern and contemporary art as well as an  international research centre on Joseph Beuys.  The Museum's collection builds on the former  private collection of the brothers van der Grinten  and is preserved and displayed in the historic  castle and park complex. It is also the site of the  Joseph Beuys Archive and the museum library. With its diverse exhibition, events and education  programme as well as the historic castle complex  within the spacious garden, the Museum is an  attraction of international importance.