TAPES Different release values of our products do not result from a reduced quantity of applied silicon but out of a variation of our formulas. This prevents sticking to the siliconized liner which might occur when the surface is not covered with silicon sufficiently. Adhesives are often produced with interim-liners like vleece or films which improve the mechanical stability or are used as barrier-layer in order to achieve different adhesives of the two side of the tape. Double side adhesives are used e.g. in tapes for fitting and carpets or are laminated against foams which are used as self- adhesive insulation. Further adhesive tapes are used to produce die- cuts as well as for special fixings e.g. in mobile phones.
Especially siliconcoated films that have differential release values on the two side are approved successfully in the field of application: a watery- or solvent- or hotmelt based adhesive is applied on the differential-release side of the film, then dried or cooled down and later wound up. The differential release of the two sides guarantees that the adhesive film does not transfer to the reverse side during the processes.