HOTMELT We are the official sales agent of company Savaré Specialty Adhesives for the areas Germany, Austria, Switzerland and BENELUX. Savaré is one of the european-leading manufacturers of thermoplastic hotmelts. You can find more information on Thermoplastic Hotmelts:   PSA E / E54 / E40Y / TU10 / TU12 PO VR15 EVA TA20 / 79F / 10L Safemelt® - worldwide patent protective film Available as: Packaging form: Weight: Size: Blocks 1,3 kg / 1,4 kg 17x15x6 cm / 18x15x6 cm Blocks USA Plant 1,0 kg 15x15x6 cm Carton Boxes 20 / 22 kg approx. 30 boxes on each euro pallet Reusable plastic containers 400 kg Euro pallet container Drums 180 kg 2 drums on one euro pallet Bags 25 kg 21 bags on one euro pallet UV absorbers and other special additives are available by arrangement.