RAW FILMS Products: Applications / Options: ACETAT Cardboard windows patching, Labels, Film and photographic, Cellulose Cellulose triacetate film, Printing and Graphic Arts industry, Separating medium, Electrical, Cellulose diacetate film isolation, Lamination, Packaging BIO-FILM Cardboard window patching, Labels, Separating and masking medium, Lamination, Packaging, Wrapping CELLOPHAN™ Packaging, Separating and masking medium, Wrapping NATUREFLEX™ Packaging, Separating and masking medium, Wrapping biogredable, compostable film (Cellulose)  HOSTAPHAN® Print application, Electrical industry, Electrical isolation, Labels, biaxially oriented  Graphic Arts industry, Protection film, Pharamceutical industry, polyethyleneterephtalate (PET) Cardboard window patching LIMMIROR® Electrical industry, Electrical isolation, Labels, Separating biaxially oriented medium, Packaging, Lamination, Credit cards, Pharmaceutical polyethyleneterephtalate film (PET)  industry MELINEX®  Information carrier, Labels, Separating medium, Pharmaceutical biaxially oriented  industry, Credit cards, Cardboard window patching, Packaging, polyethyleneterepthalate film (PET) Lamination MYLAR® Printing and surface finishing, Cardboard windows patching, biaxially oriented Packaging, Lamination, Wrapping, Labels, polyethyleneterepthalate film (PET) Separating medium Unstretched Polyester Cardboard window patching, Print application, Film packaging OPP-FOLIEN®  Labels, Separating medium, Packaing, Wrapping, Cardboard Highest quality, biaxially oriented  window patching, Lamination, Print and surface finishing polypropylene film (OOP) WALOTHEN® Labels, Separating medium, Lamination, Packaing, Wrapping, biaxially oriented polypropylene films   Cardboard window patching, Print and surface finishing (OOP) PROPAFILM® Packaging, Lamination, Wrapping biaxially oriented polypropylene films (OOP) TREOFAN® (OOP) On request POLYPOPHYLEN-FILM  Labels, Wire isolation monoaxially oriented TEONEX® General industry, Electrical insulation, High temerature (formerly Kaladex®) applications, Printed circuit boards, Packaing, Labels, Grahical polyethylennaphthalate film (PEN) Arts industry Rigid-PVC-Film Office equipment, Decoration, Printing industry, Cardboard window patching, Packaging Soft-PVC-Film Office equipment, Textiles and household, Packaging