RAW FILMS BOPET-Films: - clear - colored films, colored in the raw material (e.g. black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, grey, etc.) - from 6 µ to 150 µ - in widths from 10 mm – 3.200 mm - sheets until 1.500 mm - suitable for the foods contact (except metallized films) - Corona treatment possible - chemical treatments (Acrylat, Polyester-Co-Polymer, Polyurethan), - metallized films (one- and both sides) - mat films - opaque Folien BOPP-Films: Description/Features: Thickness range: 12-75 μ Biaxially oriented polypropylene film Pretreatment (surface): Sealable, different pretreatments Optics: Transparent, opaque, white, matt, glossy, metallized on request MOPP-Films: Description / Features: Thickness range: 25-300 μ Stretched along (MD) film made of polypropylene Optics: Transparent, white UPP films: Description / Features: Thickness range: 15-50 μ unstretched polypropylene film Pretreatment (surface): Corona one / two-sided Optics: Transparent, shiny