SPECIAL FILMS We are the official sales agent of company MG S.p.A. for the areas Germany, Austria, Switzerland and BENELUX. MG is one of the world-leading manufacturers of special films. You can find more information on www.mg-spa.it Our main markets: Packaging (Doy-Pack, Cheer-Pack, Pouches), Composite and Medical. MG is producing: Polyethylene Polypropylene (Cast polypropylene) High density polyethylene Low-density polyethylene Barrier films Polyamide, Nylon Thermoplastic elastomeric films Coextruded films Oriented films Films for food packaging Lamination films MG films involve mainly the use of polyolefin resins (PO). In particular: • PE (LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, m-PE and all of its copolymers such as EVA, EMA, EBA, EAA, EEA, ION, etc.). • PP (HOMO and all its copolymers such as random, block, etc.). • COC, highly functionalized polyolefins, etc. In addition for special applications they use: • resin barrier (EVOH, PA, etc.). • TPE resin (TPU, TPO, etc.). • BIO resins (bio-based and / or biodegradable / biocompostable). Through: • A scientific choice of resin mixtures. • An engineering design of the stratification of the max. 15 layers of the film. • A proven skill in the management of various technologies of extrusion and post-processing of the films. MG is able to produce films with large combinations of properties and suitable to meet the most difficult and often unique requirements of our customers.